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Mount Mills Cold Pressed Flax Oil Testimonials

Feedback about our product has been very positive. Here are some of the comments we have receved from customers who have tried our Flax Oil.

"Since I have started using Mount Mills Cold Pressed Flax Oil, I have found my horses are supple, moving better, are recovering faster after work and competition with less soreness and stiffness. The horses have a good relaxed attitude and plenty of energy and the added bonus of a gleaming healthy coat."

Dermott Lennon
World Champion Show Jumper

"The flax oil is a more than worthwhile investment. My stallions skin this summer was very itchy and he didn't seem comfortable, his coat wasn't great either. The last 2 winters his coat hasn't been at its best ,he is clipped through the winter as he is in work most of the year, BUT.......This year his coat has been great since I've been using it, it really shines now and it was so easy to clip through this year, I'm sure its down to the flax!! It seems to help the itchyness too - thats settled down. I'll be ordering more soon too . So pleased I found you guys and the service has been great too - Keep it up !!"

Annette Drean - UK Flax Oil Customer

"I bought it to use on a draught mare I purchased recently. She was in desperately poor condition and had a low conception record. She now looks really well and is in foal. I am sure that your product was a great help to her."

Jennifer Dunlop, UK Flax Oil Customer

"I think the product is great and I have noticed that the pony's coat has become very shiny and her condition has improved overall. She has only had one bout of laminitis since we started feeding the oil, and this was due to her escaping onto lush pasture! It's a great product for us as unlike many laminitic ponies we have trouble keeping weight on her, so it's great to be able to feed her this oil for its conditioning properties, as well as its omega 3 & 6 content. "

Anna Mutter, UK Flax Oil customer

"I bought the flax oil because one of my horses (age 25!) has just started getting stiff when walking out in the mornings". Will definitely buy again.

Vet - UK Flax Oil Customer

"We began using the flax oil on a few of our horses. Now they all get flax oil - we would recommend this flax oil to anyone who wants to get the best from their horse."

Steven and Trevor Smith, Gilford., Northern Ireland Flax Oil customers(www.smithbrothersireland.co.uk)

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